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Sports Vision

Playing a sport or engaging in an outdoor activity provides the opportunity to maintain a healthy body. The challenge is ensuring that your eyes are healthy enough for the sport and that you do not develop eye issues that may interfere with your performance. At Blue Ridge Vision, we recognize the importance of proper testing and eye care when you play a sport.

tennis player wearing sports vision glasses

What is Sports Vision Testing?

Sports vision testing differs from traditional eye exams because it focuses on hand-eye coordination. Essentially, it goes beyond basic vision testing to ensure that you can see clearly when engaged in an activity. It takes the test further and an eye doctor in Greer looks for potential vision problems that may interfere with your ability to react quickly when playing a sport.

The key difference is the contrast sensitivity testing performed by an optometrist in Greer. We ensure that you can identify gray stripes against different colors and backgrounds. When you have a low level of contrast sensitivity, it means you may not track objects effectively. As a result, your ability to react to a ball or other object slows and you may not perform at your optimal levels. The problem worsens when you play a sport in the evening and have low lighting conditions.

How it Helps with Athletic Performance

Visiting an eye doctor in Greer for sports vision testing provides an opportunity to address key problems with your eyes. We ensure that you see clearly by providing a basic vision test. We also ensure that you can track objects, particularly moving objects, in different lighting conditions. Since many athletes may overlook refractive errors in the eyes, we also evaluates your eyes for any refractive concerns that may impact your ability to engage in a sport.

The result of better vision and catching problems at an early stage is improved athletic performance. We ensure that you can see clearly by correcting the underlying problems or providing corrective lenses that help with your ability to see clearly while playing a sport.

When to Discuss Sports Vision with a Greer Optometrist

Discussing sports vision with a Greer optometrist is an essential part of preventing vision problems. At our clinic, we suggest a discussion with an optometrist in Greer as soon as you decide to engage in a sports activity or notice eye issues that seem to impact your performance on the field or court. You also want to get a check-up for your eyes on an annual or bi-annual basis. Generally, we recommend more regular visits if you have certain medical conditions or in older adults who may have changes to their eyes.

Your vision is essential when you play a sport. It allows you to track the ball and keep up with the goal of the game. The key to ensuring you see clearly is proper evaluations and tests to check on your eyes. To learn more about addressing problems with your vision when playing a sport, call 864-877-3031 today.

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